week 7 Jams!!!

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what’s up guys and girls I hope everyone is having an awesome Monday. I know I am (typing with a sarcastic face). I’m really excited about this week because I have no more midterms, so guess who is binge-watching
Kimetsu no Yaiba. anyway the club this week has a few fun things going on this week and I encourage everyone to come out to the sos and our awesome games night. also if you are nervous about meeting new people at all please don’t be afraid we are all very welcoming in the club so please don’t hesitate, I mean I look kind of scary but I promise i don’t bite im like a big anime character who looks scary but is trying to be cute you know.

week 7 meetings:

Monday 28th General meeting @5:30 in MC 4063
Wednesday 30th SOS meeting @5:30 in MC 4060

week 7 Events:

Friday 1th GAMES NIGHT!!!! @5:30 IN PHY 313

that’s all we got for you guys this week, I hope everyone comes out I love meeting new people so don’t be shy say hi. I hope everyone has an awesome week, study hard so you can binge hard. this week’s anime quote is “HOPE IS SOMETHING YOU GIVE YOURSELF. THAT IS THE MEANING OF INNER STRENGTH.” (uncle Iroh) avatar the last Airbender.

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