Not Quite End-of-Term

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You thought the term was over? Acting.

This, however, is the last week of events until the Fall term. Here is what it includes:

  • Monday Meeting: Monday, July 28, 6PM, MC 2054. This term in review. We also generally decide on show dates for next term.
  • Project Night: Wednesday, July 30, 6PM, QNC 1506. While project night will always live on in our hearts, this is the last one until the fall term. Bring your assignments or study materials, and upgrade those social links.
  • Games Night: Friday, August 1, 4:30PM, AL 211. And we see the term to a close with some games. Bring your favourite games and have a great time.

That’s all from me until next term. Good luck with your exams, and enjoy the break!

Dylan “Featuring Dylan” Mead

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Picnic Time!

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Even though the weather can’t seem to decide on a season, summer means adventuring into the outernet, and braving the horrors that lie within it. So we’re gonna eat food in a park.

  • Monday Meeting: Monday, July 21, 6PM, MC 2054. We are very close to the end of the term, so discussion topics might be wearing thin, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t continue to attend our general meetings. Experience all of the deep, philosophical discussion that takes place, such as “how did the cosplay café go?” and “is someone bringing a barbecue to the picnic?”
  • Project Night: Wednesday, July 23, 6PM, QNC 1506. Even with the cosplay café behind us, there’s still fun to be had at project night. Bring games or any projects you’re currently working on!
  • Karaoke Night: Friday, July 25, 4:30PM, AL 116. Our second karaoke night of the term, in its usual spot in the end-of-term weekend. This one will be attended by me, your illustrious webmaster, so come belt out your favourite anime songs. Make song requests here.
  • Potluck Picnic: Saturday, July 26, 1PM, Waterloo Park. Exact location here on Google Maps. There will be much food and much activities. Please RSVP via this spreadsheet by indicating what food you will be bringing. It is a potluck, after all. Check out the forum thread and/or Facebook page for more details.

And with that, most of the summer term of CTRL-A is complete. So make sure you don’t miss anything in this final week of CTRL-A awesomeness.

Dylan “Yeah that’s right, I’m illustrious.” Mead

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Are You Ready to Nom?

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As we wade through this event-loaded month of July, we look back fondly upon the four shows of the term, but not for long! Next, we look forward to:

  • Monday Meeting: Monday, July 14, 5PM, MC 2054. Please note the early timeslot, to accommodate the FEDS Volunteer Extravaganza at 6PM. Still, same sort of event as always, with planning of upcoming events and other such fun club business. Get involved!
  • Cosplay Café: Wednesday, July 16, 12PM to 5PM, SLC Multipurpose Room. Finally, after delay upon cancellation, the cosplay café is here! Bring your friends and enjoy light snacks and tea, while appreciating live entertainment and enjoying fun activities. Not to be missed!
  • Project Night: Wednesday, July 16, 6PM, QNC 1506. After enjoying the cosplay café, come hang out at project night! Bring your assignments, games or what-have-you, and have fun!
  • Games Night: Friday, July 18, 4:30PM, AL 211. More games nights means more opportunities to get your game on. Bring your own games of various types, or your willingness to try the games of others, and enjoy yourself.

That’s all for this week. Next week, we have our karaoke/picnic weekend of fun, to see off the term in style. Check out this thread for the latter; karaoke thread coming soon. IT IS IMPORTANT YOU TELL US WHAT YOU’RE BRINGING TO THE PICNIC, SO WE CAN PLAN ACCORDINGLY.


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A Fine Day for CTRL-A

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Show 4 has been moved from AL 116 to AL 113.

Moving ever onward, on this Monday we look forward to the anime show to end all anime shows. (For this term, anyway.) End-of-term extravaganza plans are also solidifying. This month of July is jam-packed with exciting events. And if the word “jam-packed” made you hungry, good, because now you’re ready to attend the various upcoming food-based events we have planned.

Check out all the details, first starting with this week:

  • Monday Meeting: Monday, July 7, 6PM, MC 2054. Of course, every week commences with the club meeting. If all this planning behind your back has got you all bothered, come to the meeting and participate directly!
  • Project Night: Wednesday, July 9, 6PM, QNC 1506. Cosplay café prep continues. This is the last project night before the big day, so be sure to wrap up your plans soon! Of course, there’s still fun to be had for those of you lacking enthusiasm in the cosplay café. Bring games and have fun in whatever way you know best.
  • Show 4: Friday, July 11, 4:30PM to 10PM, and Saturday, July 12, 2:30PM to 9PM, AL 113. The final show of the term, so your last chance until the Fall term to experience the true face of CTRL-A. Do you have what it takes? We think so. You wouldn’t want to let us down, would you? Check out the schedule here.
  • Sushi Lunch: Sunday, July 13, 1PM, Kinkaku Izakaya. A termly tradition, on the Sunday following show 4, CTRL-A gets together and enjoys an all-you-can-eat sushi social event. The location is 217 King St. W. Restaurants like numbers, so if you would like to go, please RSVP via the forum thread, Facebook event, or email; whichever works best for you.

That’s this week. But we’re not done yet. Not even close.

  • FEDS Volunteer Extravaganza: Monday, July 14, 6PM, The Bomber. Not run by us, but this is open to any interested CTRL-A volunteers who like free food and the chance to win free stuff. Get your tickets here. Please also notify the club president if you are planning to go. (The July 14 meeting will be at 5PM to accommodate.)
  • Cosplay Café: Wednesday, July 16, 12PM to 5PM, SLC Multipurpose Room. Bring your friends and enjoy light snacks and drinks while watching/participating in fun activities. If you would like to volunteer, whether its baking, serving, set up/take down or running activities, do so here. Setup starts at 10AM. If you want to help with baking, that’s taking place from July 8 to 10 at Charlotte’s place. Please email for the address.
  • Club Picnic: Saturday, July 26, 1PM, Waterloo Park. Come enjoy the outernet with your fellow club members. Check out all of the specific details here. PLEASE RSVP AND TELL US WHAT YOU’RE BRINGING if you want to come. It’s potluck-style, so you have to bring something. Store-bought is okay if you have zero cooking abilities.

And that’ll do it. That’s not everything for the month of July, but those are the things we most want to prepare everyone for. That’s the sort of personal relationship we have, you see. There’s no secrets between us. None at all.

Dylan “ALT+130″ Mead

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Long Weekend Hype

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Please vote in this poll regarding end-of-term hotpot/picnic ASAP. Poll closes Wednesday.

Show 3 is over, but we are in the grips of a 4-day weekend so it’s hard to feel let down. And show 4 is only two weeks away! Time to get hype!

  • Wednesday Meeting: Wednesday, July 2, 6PM, MC 2034. Due to Monday being a university holiday, and Tuesday being a national holiday, the regular weekly meeting will be held on Wednesday this week. Otherwise, business as usual.
  • Project Night: Wednesday, July 2, 6PM, QNC 1506. At the same time as the weekly meeting, so we recommend going to the meeting, and then project night after. Cosplay café prep should be well underway.
  • Games Night: Friday, July 4, 4:30PM, AL 211. Welcome back, games night! For various reasons it’s been over a month since the last one, so if you’re itching for some gaming, you could do worse than CTRL-A games night. Bring your tabletop and/or video games, and game on.

A reminder that the cosplay café is returing on July 16 at 12PM to 5PM in the SLC Multipurpose Room.Bring your friends and enjoy light snacks and drinks while watching/participating in fun activities. If you would like to volunteer to assist with the event, for example, running activities, baking goods, serving food/drinks, or setup/takedown, you can do so via our Doodle here. However, please note that set-up will start early at 10:00am, and baking will occur on July 8-10. You can find the Facebook event page here.

That’s all for this week. See you next stage!

Dylan “Happy Birthday Mo!” Mead

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