Exec Positions

Here’s a quick summary of our executive and officer positions and what they do:


* run meetings
* represent the club and the membership
* coordinate other officers and executives of the club

* run meetings in the absence of the President
* running the shows and other main events

* taking minutes at meetings
* maintain non-financial club records.

* keep track of the finances of the club;

External Relations Officer
* communicate between the club and the anime industry and the media, ie gettting permissions for all the anime we show


Activities Coordinator
* organize or help with activities and events

Concessions Manager
* as needed, order pizza or other food for club events.

Electronic Communications Officer
* announce events to members by the mailing list

Publicity Officer
* be responsible for advertising the club, printing posters and booking Feds poster runs

Web Maintainer
* maintain the website of the club, including updating announcements, FAQs, and show information.

For detailed information, please see the Constitution and the By-Laws