Emiko Kawasaki

Emiko Kawasaki is CTRL-A’s official mascot and a self-styled “Legend in Her Own Right“. Her name was chosen through a naming contest in 1995, and Ian Kim drew the concept designs that resulted in the way she looks today. After Ian left the University and The Club, Dan Kim (no relation) took over the graphic design efforts and contributed additional artwork for the club.

Official Emiko Art

Emiko’s Genesis

Emiko has made an appearance in mainstream media in the webcomic/webexperience Emiko’s Genesis (later renamed Genesis Chronicles) designed and executed by Ian Kim. However, the ravages of time have removed most of the content from the open web, and not even The Web Archive has much data on it left. However thanks to the generous contribution of Andrew Fuiks, we have the first three volumes available to show you! Here they are below:

This means, of course, that this is the new home of all things Emiko! So, if you have some fanart of our pink-haired cutie, or happened to snag some content from Emiko’s Genesis before it went down, drop us an e-mail.