Club History

The noble institution that is CTRL-A has a long and illustrious history dating back to the Known Years, 1991, at which time Mark Tilden sparked the process of gathering to watch anime that gradually and inevitably resulted in The Club we have today.

Here may you find recorded all of the known facts of the history of our illustrious organization. They are organized chronologically in University of Waterloo Term Notation. Each of ‘Spring’, ‘Fall’, and ‘Winter’ terms are four-month periods of May-August, September-December, and January-April respectively. They can be accessed through the menu to your left (unless your reader has placed the menu someplace else). Each show for each term is indexed in submenu items below each term’s history entry for easy reference.

Please note that until Fall 1993 the posts of executive were filled by a static few (David de Jong and Bret Hoeffler primarily) who were co-op students. That is to say, four out of every eight months you would expect them to be working at someplace other than Waterloo. Terms that appear to be ‘missing’ from Winter 1991 until Fall 1993 are not missing per se. It’s just that the club didn’t exist for those terms, so there is no history to record.

Note also that we are still in need of information for many of the terms the club has been active. If you, humble reader, were a member or an exec during any period prior to Winter 2006, please contact our Web Maintainer and let him or her know what you know so that our history is well recorded and complete.

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