Anime Music Kombat

In the past, one of our tried and true activities in a term was Anime Music Kombat. It goes by many other names, the most descriptive of which is Anime Karaoke Kombat. It usually entails several solo or group acts who have practiced over the term getting up on stage in front of the club and belting out their favourite anime theme songs to much enjoyment and hilarity.

In the Summer Term of 2007, a wrinkle was added: Anime Talent Kombat. Or, alternatively, Anime Performance Kombat. In a talent show of sorts, we attracted a few Karaoke-singers, a song-and-dance number, an instrumentalist, and a stand-up comic. Much fun was had by all (even though Windows tragically failed to play the last 30s of a performer’s song).

Throughout it all runs a few common threads of rules which I will outline for you here:

  1. More points are awarded if you sing without lyrics (or talk without script (or play without sheet music))
  2. Those in costume and ‘putting on an act’ are better received than those who don’t (unless the rest of your act sucks)
  3. It is obvious if you’ve practiced more rather than less
  4. The audience always wins

If you’re interested in participating in, holding, organizing, or volunteering for an event like this during this term, please e-mail the Activities Coordinator who will be only too happy to assist.