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Weiß Schwarz
01-19-2010, 05:36 PM (This post was last modified: 01-08-2012 05:54 PM by Will.)
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Weiß Schwarz
[Image: wsbanner.jpg]

See bottom of post for Translation Sheets for the Lucky Star, Fate/Stay Night, Haruhi, Persona 4, Nanoha A's, and Angel Beats!/Kud Wafter Trial Decks.
Also, if you are looking to purchase some booster boxes, you might want to check out the distribution of cards in each box by rarity at This post.

No, this is not just your run of the mill Trading Card Game.
Weiß Schwarz is a TCG based on existing Anime and games.
There are more than 20 expansions, divided into the Weiß (white) and Schwarz (black) categories.
These include Lucky Star, Fate/Stay Night, Persona 3+4, Disgaea, Clannad, Da Capo, Nanoha, Zero no Tsukaima...and more, which you can look up on This fansite.
That site also happens to have translations for some of the card sets, and is the site I have used as a reference for all of the translation sheets I've done up.

Update: Robo has found a couple intro/tutorial videos about Weiss Schwarz and has posted them on his blog - you can check them out here.


The basic idea of this game is to level your opponent up to Level 4.
Each player starts at Level 0, and the game ends as soon as one player reaches the fourth level.
At the start of the game, each player draws 5 cards. On the first turn, before drawing his or her first card, the starting player may discard any number of cards from his or her hand, and draw that many cards from the deck. After the first player is done, the opponent may do the same.
Your turn has 7 phases:
  1. Stand Up Phase
    • Untap all characters on your side of the field.
  2. Draw Phase
    • Can you guess? Just one card though, even on the first turn.
  3. Clock Phase
    • During this phase, a player may choose to Clock one of the cards in his or her hand, and then draw two cards.
  4. Main Phase
    • During this phase, a player may do any of the following actions in any order, as many times as he or she wishes.
      • Play an Event Card.
      • Play a Character Card.
      • Move a Character - change its place on the battle field, swap positions...but you cannot change the character's status.
      • Use a Character's Startup ability.
    • Note that in order to play a card, your level must be equal or greater than the level of the card, you must pay the cost from your stock (if there is one), and if the card is level 1 or higher, there must be a card in your Clock or Level area of the same color. This means that level 0 cards can be played regardless of color.
    • Also, after this phase, you may no longer do any of these actions until your next Main Phase.
  5. Climax Phase
    • Play a Climax Card from your hand. Doing so marks the end of your Main Phase, and the start of your Attack Phase.
  6. Attack Phase
    • The Attack Phase is broken into 6 steps:
      • Attack Declaration Step: Put a character into the rest position (sideways) to indicate an attack. There are 3 kinds of attacks:
        • Frontal Attack: Battling against the character directly in front of your character.
        • Side Attack: Avoid battle to strike your opponent, but your character's soul points are reduced by the level of the opposing character.
        • Direct Attack: Occurs when there is no character directly in front of yours - add +1 soul to the attacking character until the end of the turn.
      • Trigger Step: The attacking player flips over the top card of his or her deck, and gains an effect represented by a symbol on the top right corner of the card(known as a Trigger Check). The card is then placed face down in the Stock area. The Trigger Icons are as follows:
        • Weiss Schwarz icon(Soul): +1 soul until the end of the turn.
        • Tornado(Return): Select one enemy character and return it to your opponent's hand.
        • Money Bag(Gather): Stock the top card of your deck.
        • Doors(Pick Up): Return a Character Card in your Waiting Room to your hand.
        • Book(Draw): Draw a card from your deck.
        • Gold Bars(Treasure): Add the card to your hand, and then stock another (you may not look at the card).
        • Red Explosion-Like Thing(Shoot): If the attack which triggered this card is climax cancelled, your opponent takes 1 damage.
      • Counter-Attack Step: The opposing player may choose to play a Counter (also known as Back-up; has a little fist icon) card to help their character, if attacked. Counter cards must be played on the character that is being attacked, and only one counter can be used per character. The attacking player may not utilize a counter card during this phase.
      • Damage Step: A player who is attacked takes damage equal to the total Soul Points of the attacking character. When taking damage, flip cards over from the top of your deck equal to the damage done, and place each card in the Clock area. You cannot go up a level while this step is occurring. However, picking up a Climax Card at any point will cancel all of the damage from that one attack (known as a Climax Cancel), and all cards that would have been Clocked from that attack are instead sent to the waiting room.
      • Battle Step: Skip this if you did not declare a frontal attack. Basically, the character with the lower power loses, and is switched into the knocked-out position (up-side down). In case of a tie, both characters are knocked out. At this point, if you wish to attack again, proceed back to step 1.
      • Encore Step: The attacking player sends all knocked-out characters to the Waiting Room, one by one. For each character, he or she may call for an 'Encore' - by discarding 3 cards from the stock, that player may place the knocked out character back on the field in its original stage position, in the resting (tapped) state. This is done separately for each character - you'd send the first knocked-out character to the waiting room, choose to encore or not, and then continue with the second, and so on. When the Attacking player has resolved all encores, the Defending player does the same thing.
  7. End Phase: If there is a card in the Climax area, discard it. Also, if you have 8 or more cards in your hand, you must discard until you have 7 or less. This phase marks the end of your turn (oh really?).
Other Misc. Info
  • Character Status: When placed on the stage, characters should be in one of three positions at any given time:
    • Standing Up: Card is in the upright position; this card may still perform actions.
    • Resting (tapped): Card is sideways; may not perform actions.
    • Knocked Out: Card is upside-down, and will be sent to the Waiting Room in the near future.
  • Going up a Level: If there are 7 or more cards in the Clock Area, you must advance to the next level. Select one of the bottom 7 cards and place it in the Level Area, and the other six cards in the Waiting Room. Any additional cards above those 7 will remain in the Clock Area.
  • Refreshing your Deck: When your deck runs out of cards, you lose. Twice. Just kidding. Take your waiting room, shuffle it...and boom, you have a new deck. Then, take the top card of your deck, and Clock it (yes, there is a penalty for running out of cards). Even if it is a climax card, you may not cancel the damage.
  • Encore: Some characters have an Encore ability printed on the card - in these cases, you can pay that cost rather than the default cost of 3 stock cards for the same Encore effect.
  • A player may call for an Encore any time a Character card is sent to the Waiting Room.
  • A Character that is in the knocked out position is considered to have left the stage (which is formally done in the Encore step). However, Characters that are Knocked Out outside of the Attack Phase can be encored immediately.
  • Colors: There are four colors in all, yellow(speed), green(power), red(technique), and blue(advantage).
  • Effects given by a character that has an ability stating "All Characters in front of this card gain ____" are given to the 2 characters directly in front of that one character (assuming it is in the Back Stage), not all 3 on the Centre Stage.
  • Terminology I may or may not have used; when you:
    • Tap: turn the card sideways (into rest mode), you probably knew that if you played Magic the Gathering.
    • Discard: place the card from your hand into your Waiting Room.
    • Clock: place the card into the Clock Area.
    • Stock: place the card into the Stock Area.
    • Sacrifice: place the Character Card from the stage into the waiting room.
    • Exile: place the card into the Memory Area.
  • Decks must contain exactly 50 cards. No more than 4 of any card with the same name may be in a deck. Cards featuring the same character but with different names are okay. Decks may contain a maximum of 8 climax cards.
  • Abilities: A few cards have abilities...denoted by A(自), S(起), or C(永):
    • A: Automatic Ability. When certain conditions are met, this ability may be activated...automatically, at any time.
    • S: Startup Ability. By paying the cost, a player can activate this ability - usually only during his or her main phase.
    • C: Continuous Ability, the effect goes on...and on...and on...until the character leaves play.
  • You may not look at your deck or stock area at any time. You may not rearrange your deck, stock, or clock area at any time, unless of course a card tells you to. When removing cards from these areas, start from the topmost card unless specified otherwise.
  • There is no rule against having more than 1 character with the same name on the Stage at any time (multiples are okay).
  • More Terminology (Abilities!):
    • Alarm: A Continuous ability that only works when the card is on top of the Clock area.
    • Assist: counts as a Continuous ability that works when the character is in the back stage.
    • Backup(Counter): Counts as a Startup ability. These abilities can be used during the counter attack step after a frontal attack is launched against one of your characters.
    • Bodyguard: Continuous ability; comes into effect when the card is in the centre position on Centre Stage. If an opponent makes a frontal attack against another character, the attack will be diverted as a Front Attack to the "Bodyguard".
    • Bond/'card name'[cost]: Counts as an Automatic ability. When the Character card is played, by paying the cost, you can select one card with the designated name from your Waiting Room or Deck and return it to your hand. This will be specified on the card. If you are using one of my decks and it does not specify, assume it means from the Waiting Room.
    • Brainstorm: The ability can vary; it is usually a Startup ability, or activated by an Event card. Take the required number of cards from the top of your deck and discard them; an effect is usually based on the cards that were discarded. For example, discarding three "Magic" trait characters might allow you to play a Lv3 "Magic" trait Character.
    • Change: Automatic ability; comes into effect during the Encore step if the card in question is in rest mode - discard or clock (maybe stock too?) the card, and replace it with another card on the same border from your Waiting Room(this card will be listed in the ability). Note: I have read another instance of the ability which works when you declare the start of your Battle Step - again, for my translations, assume the Encore Step and rest mode unless otherwise specified.
    • Encore[cost]: counts as an Automatic ability, and can be activated whenever the card is moved from the Stage into the Waiting Room.
    • Recollection(#): A Continuous ability that activates when there are at least that many cards in the "Memory" Area, unless otherwise specified.
    • Experience(#): This ability activates when the combined levels of cards in your Level Area are at least the #.
    • Shift: At the start of your main phase, if this card is in your clock area, if you are the same level or higher as the card with the Shift ability, you may "shift" the card out by taking it out of the clock area and replacing it with a card in your hand of the same colour. This does not count as adding/decreasing the number of cards in the clock, so a player who was at Level 0 and 6 clock would not level up by shifting a card out.
  • If you've ever played a game with one of my decks, the translation works as follows:
    Card Name
    (Soul ~ Attribute 1, Attribute 2)
  • Character Cards with 0 or less Power are sent directly to the Waiting Room. However, a negative Level value is okay, but I have no idea how that may occur.
  • Playing Characters onto the stage is not the same as placing them on borders. Certain abilities activate "when the card is played onto the stage", and this will not occur if the card is "placed onto a border" from a different ability. So, "playing" the card is not the same as "placing" it.
  • When you have declared a Frontal or Side Attack, and the defending character is removed from play due to an ability/effect, the attack remains a Frontal or Side Attack.
  • Deck Refreshing is always resolved last, after damage, or drawing cards. In other words, if you were to draw 2 cards but only had one left in your Deck, you would draw that one, refresh the Deck, draw the second, then Clock the top card of your Deck to complete the Deck refresh.
Useful Links: Translation Sheets:

.doc  Weiß Schwarz - Lucky Star TD.doc (Size: 33 KB / Downloads: 36)

.doc  Weiß Schwarz - Fate Stay Night TD.doc (Size: 34.5 KB / Downloads: 35)

.doc  Weiß Schwarz - Haruhi TD.doc (Size: 34 KB / Downloads: 25)

.doc  Weiß Schwarz - Persona 4 TD.doc (Size: 42 KB / Downloads: 39) , by Buncythefrog

.doc  Weiß Schwarz - Nanoha A\'s TD.doc (Size: 42 KB / Downloads: 28) , by sushifaerie

.doc  Weiß Schwarz - Angel Beats! & Kud Wafter TD.doc (Size: 38 KB / Downloads: 57)

Weiß Schwarz - Little Busters! Ecstasy TD , by sushifaerie

Weiß Schwarz - Lucky Star Box , by sushifaerie

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01-19-2010, 05:44 PM
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RE: Weiß Schwarz
That would be pronounced Vice Shvarz, and translates into white black. I would be interested potentially, assuming someone would care to translate for me XD

Sometimes I should be taken seriously, other times I really shouldn't...

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01-19-2010, 06:18 PM (This post was last modified: 01-19-2010 06:24 PM by Robo.)
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RE: Weiß Schwarz
Oh cards are already translated. I'll see about spliting about $30 on a series... take your pick:
Decided to rule for Haruhi if someone wants to split with me ^_^

Gundam Mecha Martin
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01-19-2010, 07:56 PM (This post was last modified: 09-17-2010 10:13 AM by Will.)
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RE: Weiß Schwarz
I'm cool with Haruhi =D has translations for all the trial decks, as well as the Little Busters/Ecstasy, Zero no Tsukaima, Nanoha Strikers, Phantom, Haruhi, Idolmaster, and Fate/stay booster packs (I haven't actually checked all the links though xD)
Anyway, the translations I've done to my cards have turned out as such:
[Image: sabercard2.jpg]
Just need some sort of card sleeve (which you can get at J&J's) to keep the little piece of paper in xD

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01-22-2010, 01:56 AM
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RE: Weiß Schwarz
this game is awesome but i dunno how to play.
definitely gonna play this if i start playing cards again and if there's actually competitions here
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01-26-2010, 10:36 AM
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RE: Weiß Schwarz
Don't worry about not knowing how to play, I'll post up the rules eventually xD
Also, I just talked to David; seems like he wants to order Fate/Stay cards.

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02-03-2010, 02:35 PM
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RE: Weiß Schwarz
Hobby Search is having 15% off. Will, do you have an account in Hobby Search? Wanna do hte Haruhi order??

Gundam Mecha Martin
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02-03-2010, 02:50 PM
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RE: Weiß Schwarz
If you want to do an order for Hobby Search post in my thread

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02-03-2010, 02:59 PM
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RE: Weiß Schwarz
If I went with anything, I think I'd have to go for the Lucky Star ones... But... I can't say I'd wantto go all out without knowing someone else would split with me...

Sometimes I should be taken seriously, other times I really shouldn't...

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02-03-2010, 04:19 PM
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RE: Weiß Schwarz
Well, the trial decks are relatively cheap if you just want something to play with - I actually have the Lucky Star one, so I'll bring it sometime if you want to see it.
And no, I don't have a Hobby Search account xD, the decks I got were for xmas from my sister =P (so I guess she made an account? XD)

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